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Democratic Rules of Order cover

Fred Francis, Peg Francis
Ninth edition, 2010
80pp, soft cover
ISBN 978-0-9699260-6-1
Cool Heads Publishing

$8.95 (CDN and USD)

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$4.95 (CDN and USD)

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Fred Francis, Peg Francis
Ninth edition, 2010
80pp, soft cover
ISBN 978-0-9699260-6-1
Cool Heads Publishing

Ebook $4.95 ( CDN and USD )
Softcover $8.95 ( CDN and USD )

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Testimonial Header

“This book - now in the 9th Edition - helps many people move the democratic ideal toward reality by providing, in plain and simple English, workable guidelines that makes meetings work effectively. I've used it in Elder College classes where I teach "Core Canadian values" 
and as a reference when chairing meetings. Recording secretaries also appreciate such a good resource.
Dr. Betty Donaldson
Professor Emerita, University of Calgary. ”

— Dr. Betty Donaldson, Calgary AB,CA

Testimonial Header

“This short but thorough guidebook to the right ordering of meetings is recommended to all. Our library has multiple copies to satisfy patrons' requests. ”

— Arnold Ranneris, Assistant Head, Central Library, , Victoria BC,CA